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    Liu Haiping seems to have become the inherent design of the iPhone. Apple has been using the latest iPhone 12 since the iPhone X. Although many fans said that they have become accustomed to Liu Haiping, I believe everyone is expecting Apple to cut the bangs. Perbedaan iPhone Versi AS dan Versi...
    I believe that there are fans who have been following the phone sir so far. They should all understand that since Jobs released the original iPhone, it officially started the wave of the global smartphone era, and the former Apple CEO Jobs has also become the most representative of the global...
    Research firm Omdia said in the report that Apple may launch a folding screen iPhone within two years. Of course, these rumors about the iPhone happen every year, small screen phones, no bangs design, and folding phones. In fact, some rumors have not yet been realized. The question is, will Apple...
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    Dolphin Film Company

    Web Design, Video Production

    Jun - Aug 2014

    Dolphin came to us for help with producing an amazing video portfolio to present at a national film festival. We even upgraded their website design!

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    Charter Consignment Inc.

    Designer, Decorator

    Jun 2009 – Present

    Charter runs a clean little consignment shop. We spruced up their brand assets and built a few high-impact marketing campaigns.

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